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New Mexico Elk Hunts

Rancho Rojo Outfitters

The ELK Hunts we offer are limited entry hunts that are held in quality game units in New Mexico. They have been listed in numerous publications for the past 24 years as some of the best areas to hunt mature bulls. Areas hunted are game units 5-A, 5-B, 6-A and 6-C.

Clients have enjoyed great success the past 25 years on bulls scoring up to 360 with the average bull being 260-320 inch class. All methods are used including glassing, calling, spot and stalk, tree stands and ground blinds over waterholes, wallows and trails. Elevation of most hunts are from 7000 - 10,000 ft.

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We have a tremendous amount of flexibility in the way we conduct our hunts. We offer a modern camp hunt with all of the comforts of home. We have every type of terrain imaginable in a short distance and generally have elk at all levels. This allows us to put our clients on to game regardless of physical condition.

Our guides are all local and experienced. Most have lived and worked their lifetime in the areas that are hunted, and are intimately familiar with the country you will be hunting in. This can make an incredible difference in your hunt.

Archery season for Bull Elk takes place in September with our standard hunt, being 6 Days.

Muzzleloader hunts are the first firearm hunts in October and consists of five full days of hunting.

Rifle seasons are 5 day hunts, which are held in October and early November.

Private land only seasons, are September 1 - 24 for archery and, early October thru December 31st ( pick your dates ) for any weapon of your choice, Bull or Cow.

We also offer Guided Cow elk hunts on public land or private land.  Contact for more information.

With the exception of private land only hunts, we submit our clients to the special drawing with the application deadline being due in March of each year. Results are available by the end of April. Draw success has been averaging 20% or better for all applicants who apply through us, in the guided non-resident State drawing pool.

If unsuccessful in the draw, or, if the application deadline is missed, we may have guaranteed tags ( Landowner Permits ) available at an additional cost!

Please contact for hunt costs.

New Mexico Game Hunting License Fee- $65.00

New Mexico Bull Elk License Fees- $555.00

New Mexico Cow Elk License Fees- $345.00

Quality High Demand Elk License Fees- $780.00

Contact for more info

Deposits required to book hunts:

  • Public Land Draw $500.00
  • Private Ranch Elk Hunts $2500.00

Included in price of hunt.
Refundable if not drawn.

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Edna Harper Cowboy Silver - Western Fine Art

Elk Drawing

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