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New Mexico Mule Deer Hunts

Rancho Rojo Outfitters

The Public Land MULE DEER hunts we offer have LIMITED licenses in an area that year after year produce mature heavy horned bucks. The area has some outstanding bucks with an excellent resident herd and, with cold weather, migratory deer move in as well. Numerous record book deer have been harvested from this area. Units hunted are 2C, 5A and 5B which are quality deer management areas. These units are without a doubt the best areas to hunt mule deer in New Mexico.

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The Rifle Hunts are held in November ( 3 seasons are available, all 5-day seasons. ) which is the time frame of the "pre-rut", this makes for more and better bucks. This is a spot and stalk hunt, driving to the area to be hunted and glassing, from highpoints, and walking thereafter.

Terrain is easy to moderate with great access. Elevations hunted are from 6500 – 7500ft.

Archery season is held in September and the January hunt is a very exciting hunt as well, with the tail end of the rut keeping the big bucks active. Our standard hunt is 6 days, with shorter and longer hunts available.

Muzzleloader season is held the last week of September, which is also a spot and stalk hunt, with 90% shooting opportunity over the past years.

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Camp facilities are modern with hot showers, satellite TV, and delicious homemade meals, or, hotels in near by towns.

Licenses are allotted through the special drawing with the application deadline being March of each year. Successful draw percentage of our guided clients has been up to 20% the past 25 years, for all weapon types with clients enjoying some great hunting, with 100% shooting opportunity, on multiple bucks up to the 200-inch class.

Private Land Deer Hunts;

We also have a Private Ranch Hunt that borders the famed Jicarilla Reservation and offers guaranteed tags (NO Draw) and up to this point 100% shooting opportunities on mature bucks.

Dates for all weapon types are the same as the public land and costs run from $3000.00-$5500.00.

Deposit for private deer is $2000.00
Please contact for further information

Please contact for hunt costs.

Contact for more info

Mule Deer License Fee-- $290.00 and $375.00 for quality high demand hunts.

Deposits required to book hunts:

  • Public Land Deer $500.00
  • Private Ranch Mule Deer Hunts $2000.00

Included in price of hunt.
Refundable if not drawn.

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